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The Paradise Experience

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The Paradise Experience is our premier service option, designed for Corporate and Private Practice Dermatology. 

With our roots originating from Histology and Mohs equipment services, we found that a large number of our customers were dermatology offices. After thoughtful planning, we carefully developed the most advanced service plan on the market, specifically designed around the needs of dermatology. We have developed the capabilities to service not only Histology/Mohs Labs, but also Cosmetic and Surgical Lasers, Tabletop Autoclave Sterilizers, Patient Exam Chairs, Exam Lights, and all other dermatologic equipment.

If you are interested in saving your practice time AND money, then this is truly the plan for you.

What exactly is The Paradise Experience?

The Paradise Experience is a One-Stop-Shop service plan. Paradise Biomedical replaces the need for you to juggle multiple service vendors for each type of equipment in your facility, we can do it all!

What benefits come with The Paradise Experience?

The Paradise Experience offers a multitude of benefits to you as the customer. By grouping all of your service under one service plan, we are able to save you both time and money. Specific discounts include:

  • Discounts on Annual Maintenance

  • Discounts on Repair Service Rates

  • Discounts on all Refurbished Equipment

  • Completely Free, Same Day Loaner Equipment

How do I sign up?

If you have interest in The Paradise Experience, enrolling is a simple process. If you are a current or new customer, simply contact us to notify us that you have interest. At that point, a Paradise Biomedical representative will schedule a time with you to come on site to take a brief inventory of all of your equipment in your facility. The very next morning, you will have a quote in your inbox showing you the savings that you will receive! It's that easy! Contact us today!

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